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  • If you are replacing tops… who is removing the old ones? We of course offer this service but some homeowners choose to do this themselves. We recommend that if you are removing the tops do this the day before. 
  • Make sure that you check that the shut off valve that control the water supply to your sink is working properly. If we are providing this service, the removal of your existing top will, of course,  be the first thing we do upon arrival. When we remove the old tops, we will also haul away the debris and old sink etc.
  • If you have areas on your kitchen design that feature overhangs (like islands or eat-in peninsulas)…solid surface counter tops normally require extra support. These supports (sometimes called corbels) have to be installed prior to the installation of the counter top.
  • After your new tops are installed, you will have to decide who is going to do the plumbing hook-up. Some homeowners prefer to take care of this (either by using their own plumber or doing it themselves) and some make the plumbing arrangements through us. If you are going to do the plumbing hook-up we suggest that you wait one day so that all the sealants and adhesives have time to cure etc.
  • If you have chosen granite tops we will seal the granite immediately after the install.When everything is back in working order, now is the time to enjoy the investment that you made in upgraded counter tops. 

The day the new counters are being installed is normally very exciting.  Here are some helpful hints to get ready for the installation:




You can choose to visit our showroom or we can arrange a visit to your home. A visit to your home allows us to measure your existing tops and get a good, first hand,  look at the job so we can provide an accurate estimate. If you are comfortable with the pricing you can then visit the showroom to make your final color-sink-edge selections.  If you choose to visit our showroom first, please bring along a layout of your existing kitchen counter tops with dimensions and a sample color of your existing cabinetry (a drawer is normally the easiest to remove and bring along). Whichever road you choose to begin the process works for us.
*If you are re-doing your kitchen with new cabinetry, simply bring along a set of plans that show the cabinet dimensions along with a sample color. We can make a copy of these plans and put a set in your customer file. 

During your initial conversation we will be discussing the various counter top options, colors, edge profiles, sink styles, and back splash configurations. Don’t worry…we will lead you right through this process at your own pace. You will never be rushed to make a decision at Wentzel’s!

After the selection and design options is complete your  “template” appointment will be made. Templating is the process where we make a mock-up or model of your counter tops prior to fabrication . This is done in your home . If you are replacing existing counter tops (kitchen or bath), please have all items removed from the counter tops. If you are having new cabinetry installed, templates can be made only after all cabinets are in and permanently secured. This includes any end panels, refrigerator surrounds, decorative corbels etc. For planning purposes…it normally takes one week from the time we template to the time your new counters are installed!

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