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You will also find that granite colors and configurations can vary from lot to lot.  We can recommend various granite wholesalers to you so you can hand select the exact piece of granite to be used in your home.  Granite has also become very popular for vanity tops as well as basement bar tops and outdoor kitchens.


EST. 1945

Wentzel Fabrication is a one stop stone shop! Granite counter tops are beautiful and add value to your home or business. Granite colors are unique and vibrant and have a variety of price ranges.  The process of having a granite top installed is the same for Quartz and Corian.Granite is very easy to maintain and will look great for years to come. Simply follow a few simple steps to clean and seal the tops. At the time of installation we seal all granite tops and will provide a use and care sheet for future care. 

​We offer an entry level granite package that includes 6 colors Black Ash, Carioca Gold,Santa Cecilia, Tan Brown, and Uba Tuba. To view some of the many colors of granite available, click here.
The most important step to long lasting beauty is the yearly application of sealer. Understanding the process of how it is quarried, and the steps that it takes from quarry to kitchen will be helpful in understanding the variation in cost and care of your granite.  You will find that the names of granite can vary from importer to importer as well as fabricator to fabricator. This at times can be confusing. At Wentzel Fabrication we do not change or vary the name of the stone or granite. This should enable you to compare price as well as surf the web for information.