It is used when you have an existing tile back splash and you want to keep the tile and its design with your new top. The problem you may face is that when you remove your old laminate counter top (1-1/2” thick) and replace it with stone (1-1/4” thick)…you have a gap at the lower edge of the tile back splash. The trim will take up the gap amount etc. You might have to re-grout or caulk this area but it will save the cost and the hassle of replacing the entire tile area.

cabinet trim

(for the height adjustment of your base cabinetry)



EST. 1945

This trim is used for 2 different and distinct purposes:
It is used when tile or hardwood flooring has been or will be added to your existing kitchen. Let’s  say you have added ¾” thick solid wood flooring recently and now you are adding a new stone counter top, The question is the dishwasher…you may be locking in this appliance which can provide trouble at time of dishwasher replacement. One way to circumvent this potential problem is to have us add ¾” to 1” trim thus taking the situation back to the original dimensions.​

One of the custom services that we offer is the installation of color matched trim used at the top edge of your base cabinets prior to the installation of your new solid surface counter top.